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A superb vast venue we can be proud to call our home...

Youth Ballroom

From the moment you arrive, you will see that the meticulous planning and preperation by our experienced team, including the superb music and red carpet podium award ceremonies, the attention to detail simply adds to the whole occassion and your overall experience when you dance with with us at the Surrey Sports Park. There is even a Holiday Inn Hotel located on site! Free parking is also available for all visitors as an added benefit.


We believe in offering a service that is second to none so that in turn we can gain your trust, approval and desire to return again and again. As many competitors travel from far and wide, it is essential to offer facilities that provide everything you expect and much more, wonderful well thought out and established renowned adjudicators and officials. 


Take a look at just some of whats on offer... 

Just some of the renowned

adjudicators at

The Open  Series

Pitch Side Coffee

On site (Previously Starbucks) Working with Chimney Fire Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster based just outside Dorking, we offer a great roasted arabica Brazil signature coffee. Pitch-side Coffee also offers a range of core hot beverages with seasonal specials and barista creations. A new range of blended cold beverages have been created too, providing a cold beverage option for many dietary requirements, including a Lemon Tea & Mango Crush and Vegan Chocolate Oreo Frappe.

The new menu has been designed to help provide our customers with a range of different options and dietary alternatives. Pitch-side Coffee will be offering pastries, cakes, breakfast rolls, fruit and yoghurt pots, sandwiches, toasties and salad bowls.

Michael Stylianos
Bench Bar

The Bench Bar serving hot and cold food as well as alcholic and non alcholic beverages overlooks the sports picthes.

Floor side tables

Optional VIP Table Seating located on the dance floor to capture the closest action in extreme comfort.


There are 16 tables available at each event and the tables are dressed offering bottled mineral water, light snacks and 10 seats per table. Book a table if you wish when purchasing your entry and spectator tickets.

The Open Series main stage

Beautifully dressed main stage with a giant LCD Screen for providing additional visual information throughout the events for all spectators and competitors.


Fully sprung and very large dance floor measuring a minimum 25M x 15M and surrounded by table seating to create a fully 'enclosed' space.


Fantastic awards for finalists now with the added benefit of twin position podiums to enhance our prize ceremonies and offer an elevated position for competitors and photographers too.

The Open Series Arena

In addition to the 16 floor-side tables, the main arena tiered spectators/competitors stands will accommodate a further 864 seated persons, with ample room within the arena also as well as excellent secure changing facilities for competitors.

Marcus Hilton MBE
Stephen Hillier MBE
Bryan Watson
Anna Sevastijanova
Nicole Cutler
Goran Nordin
Gunnar Gunnarsson
Craig Draper
Kristie White
Graham Oswick
Alison Fulham
Snieguole Wood
Marion Welsh
Alex Ivanets
Danny Stowell

A typical Open Series outstanding panel from left to right: Marcus Hilton MBE, Gunnar Gunnarsson, Sergey Surkov, Michael Stylianos, Goran NordIn, Stephen Hillier MBE, Anna Sevastijanova, Danny Stowell, Alexandra Hixson, Nicole Cutler.

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